Horse Theft. How can a microchip help prevent it?

The registered microchip is a huge deterrent to would be thieves.  We know this from experience. We know this from law enforcement officials. Over 70% of horses in the United States are used for recreational activities and showing.  Horse owners feel strongly that their horses are family members, friends and life long companions.  How would [...]

Keeping Horses Safe

Wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods….sadly these disasters happen all too often. Horses get turned out or mis-located. They get lost. Horse owners all too often say, “I never thought this would happen to me!” Microchip ID Equine works with state, federal and private disaster animal response teams. These agencies have scanners and routinely scan all found horses for microchips. When [...]

Rescue is for Life. So is a Microchip.

Equine rescues come in all sizes. For all needs and for all breeds. There are those who dedicate their time to taking care of horses who are seeking a new direction or a new lease on life. Microchips are used by hundreds of rescues large and small. The tiny chip is the perfect tool to [...]