LifeTrac™ – Connected for Good™


By request! We have created a great optional feature for members of our Equine Protection Registry™. And it's free for life! Once your chip is registered, simply 'opt in' to put yourself on the LifeTrac™ list for your horse.  If you ever have to give up your horse for any reason, [...]

American Horse Council Provides Microchip Lookup Tool


The American Horse Council has done a great thing for the industry and for horse lovers across the country!  Modern microchip technology is sweeping through the United States horse industry as equestrians and their veterinarians find new uses for the tiny safe chips. The AHC designed and launched to [...]

Horse Theft. How can a microchip help prevent it?


The registered microchip is a huge deterrent to would be thieves.  We know this from experience. We know this from law enforcement officials. Over 70% of horses in the United States are used for recreational activities and showing.  Horse owners feel strongly that their horses are family members, friends and [...]

Keeping Horses Safe


Wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods….sadly these disasters happen all too often. When disaster strikes, horses get turned out or displaced. They get lost. Horse owners all too often say, “I never thought this would happen to me!” Microchip ID Equine works with state, federal and private disaster animal response teams. These agencies have scanners [...]