Project Description

The registered microchip is a huge deterrent to would be thieves.  We know this from experience. We know this from law enforcement officials.

EPR small logonewOver 70% of horses in the United States are used for recreational activities and showing.  Horse owners feel strongly that their horses are family members, friends and life long companions.  How would you feel if your horse was stolen?  What would you do to try and find him? That’s where the The EquineChip can save the day.

When chip and owner are registered in the Equine Protection Registry, an entire network of professionals is on your side. Quick response, SearchALERT protection, notifications sent via the Equine Protection Registry to law enforcement and other organizations…all of these things are done on your behalf, for the life of your horse.

” I had no idea how many good uses I would find for the microchip number in my horse.  The biggest perk of all, though, was simple peace of mind.”    Susan Meyer | private horse owner.