” Microchipping is simple and easy.  It gives you, the veterinarian, a unique accurate way to monitor
the horse’s health, and gives your client peace of mind.” AAEP Microchipping Video

Microchip ID Equine. For Vets.

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Yes, it matters! Standards and ethics come together in The EquineChip™. FEI, USEF and ISO Compliant.

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The only USDA approved MINI chip for horses. Meeting the highest standards.

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The only national microchip registry JUST for horses. Horse owners count on us every day.

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What Customers Say

“Don’t know what we would do without the help, services and products we get from Microchip ID Systems! We register all EquineChips for extra protection, too.”
Allison Barca, DVM, Equine Practitioner
“We use the EquineChip to identify our recipient mares. A reliable microchip is tremendously important to our program. The real-time customer service at ‘Microchip ID’ is always great, too!”
Hartman Equine Reproduction Center
”I use microchips everyday for regulatory purposes. The folks at ‘Microchip ID Systems’ keep me up to date on the technology and have never let me down.”
Keith Cooper, DVM, Cooper's Mobile Veterinary Service
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