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The EquineChip


Tiny but Mighty! A Best Seller.

Microchips are not all the same. Some are better than others! Ours meet official standards set by ISO and ICAR. A lifetime microchip serves the many needs of the horse and owner – throughout the life of the horse.

Don’t take a chance on second best. The EquineChip comes in your choice of Standard chip and needle or the new Mini chip and smaller needle.

  • In Mini or Standards
  • ISO and FEI Compliant
  • Meets USHJA Requirements for Competition
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Registry Cards Included
  • Price: $6.75 or less  
  • Single chip with lifetime enrollment also available
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Official USA ‘840’ Chip

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Approved by the USDA Quality and Performance

‘840’ is the United States Country Code for identification, recognized around the world. It is a 15 digit ISO chip. Only certain microchip manufacturers have been vetted by the USDA and granted permission to produce this microchip with the USA prefix of 840.

The approval process encompasses high level quality control testing. Our 840-ID microchip is a perfect choice for larger facilities, veterinarians or those who move horses interstate or show horses in other countries. (Some requirements apply.)

  • In Mini or Standard
  • ISO and FEI Compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Registry Cards (Included if needed)
  • Price: Starts at $6.75 or less
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Microchip Scanners

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Two Choices | Two Prices

Both scanners are universal and will read all microchips.

The WorldScan is for heavier use and should be used by larger facilities and vets.
Halo is perfect for individuals or for equine veterinarians who read chips occasionally. You can also order a protective carry case for Halo.

Visit our main store to learn more about each scanner or call if you have questions.

NOTE > SAVE when you add a scanner to your microchip order!

  • Halo Price:  Save $55.00 when bundled with your microchip order.
  • WorldScan:  Save $75.00 when bundled with your microchip order.
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Pre Paid Enrollments


The Equine Protection Registry

Save on the enrollment fee when you order Pre-Paid Microchip Enrollments. Join the only ALL EQUINE microchip registry in the United States.  With almost 30 years of  experience in horse recovery during wildfires, hurricanes and theft, our Equine Protection Registry is well known by law enforcement and disaster teams.

  • All brands of microchips are accepted.
  • Registration is for life or as long as you own your horse.
  • Free web account and member card.
  • Free nationwide ‘SearchAlerts
  • No annual fees or hidden costs.
  • Order in increments of 5 – and share with friends!
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