Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Barn™?2020-12-09T22:31:45-06:00

Designed for those who manage numerous horses or other equines, The Barn™ is an exclusive feature of our Equine Division.  Rescues, groups, vets, registries and others are welcome to partner with our company in order to promote microchip protection for horses, by chipping and registering horses to their owners.

As a Barn Partner you can choose between various partner perks: Free chips when a horse gets registered, discounted bulk pricing, free software, free transfer of ownership, and more. All participating horses get registered in our EPR with an added feature of our LifeTrac™ safety net.

Record keeping is fast and easy at The Barn. Good for You. Good for horses.

Do you sell Microchip Scanners?2020-08-15T21:19:22-05:00

Yes, of course! In fact we manufacture the popular HERO™ Advanced Microchip Reader and the cool little PocketHero™ for personal use. Note: Hero has excellent, ready-to-go Bluetooth® built in!

What is the Chip Checker™?2020-08-19T18:17:36-05:00

Chip Checker™ is a unique free service – for anyone to use. Simply go the Chip Checker page and enter a chip number found in a horse.

You can instantly see if the horse and owner are enrolled in the Equine Protection Registry™ – or not.  If you have found a missing or lost horse, you can choose to connect to the owner immediately by email.

Can you give me the Technical Details of your chip?2020-08-16T16:34:37-05:00

Glad you asked!

Here are some technical details regarding the EquineChip™:
Bio Compatible Glass | Made by Schott®
Anti Migration Coating | Smooth Parylene® coating on all of our chips.
Needles | Stainless steel, extra sharp 15 gauge ‘mini’ needle.
Warranty | Lifetime Warranty on Microchips.