FEI Requires Microchip for New Registrants


As of 2013, FEI requires microchips for events... and more. FEI now requires that all newly registered horses be microchipped.  This includes those horses registering for an FEI Passport, FEI Recognition Card and includes FEI Registrations/IDs also.  A specific type of microchip must be used. The EquineChip is 100% compliant [...]

Join the Fun! The NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry


Join the Fun! Discover the Joy! The NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry now offers the EquineChip™ to members! NorthAmerican Sportponies look and move like small horses and are successful in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, jumping, eventing, and in the driving and hunter divisions.  (Click Banner Below) The NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry actively supports [...]

Breeding & Training Facilities


Large and small breeding and training facilities see microchip in use on an everyday basis. Equine microchips are widely used around the world, so it is no surprise to see them in everyday use at top breeding, training and reproductive facilities in the United States as well. Imported horses are [...]

USDA Final Rule Accepts Microchips as Official Identification


Final USDA Rule: Traceability for horses moving interstate - 2013:  Accepted methods of  official identification are one of the following: 1.  A microchip (electronic identification) that complies with ISO 11784/11785. 2.  A microchip (electronic identification) that is Non-ISO is accepted if it was installed prior to March 11, 2014. 3.  A [...]

USHJA Passes New Microchipping Rules


Yes, the USHJA  has passed innovative microchipping rules that will ease into the sport. "Microchipping is the future of horse identification, and the passage of these rule changes is a game changer for all equestrian sport" said Mary Babick, member of the USEF Horse Recording and ID Task Force and [...]

What is the USA ‘840’ Microchip?


'840' is the United States Country Code for identification, recognized around the world.  When a microchip begins with the USA country code of '840' you can be sure of these things: Microchip numbers with an 840 prefix are made only by USDA approved companies who have been granted permission to manufacture [...]

Microchip Identification for EIA Control


Microchip Identification for EIA Control - A good example... The dramatic drop in Equine Infectious Anemia in the state of Louisiana can be credited to the state’s EIA program, launched in 1994. Permanent ID in the form of a microchip, a brand or a tattoo,  is required at the time blood [...]