Project Description

‘840’ is the United States Country Code for identification, recognized around the world.  When a microchip begins with the USA country code of ‘840’ you can be sure of these things:

  1. Microchip numbers with an 840 prefix are made only by USDA approved companies who have been granted permission to manufacture the official 840 microchip.
  2. The approval process is very stringent and emcompasses high level quality control testing.
  3. These chips are ISO and FEI approved.
  4. Companies that manufacture microchips for animals must go through the rigorous USDA approval process in order to manufacture and sell microchips beginning with the USA code – 840.
  5.  The 840 microchip is not required for horses, but can be used for horses if desired.  Larger facilities, veterinarians or those who move horses interstate should consider using the 840 chip.
  6. Our 840 microchip products are the same price as our regular microchip products.

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a final rule in 2013 establishing regulations regarding the trackability of U.S. livestock moving interstate. One of the permitted methods of identification is a 15 digit microchip that begins with the designated United States prefix 8-4-0 (ex. 840211011000122). Only USDA approved companies are granted permission to manufacture the official 840 microchip.”

Microchip ID Systems’ mini and standard EquineChips were submitted for testing and met all USDA requirements. Our microchip product, 840-ID, carries the official USDA 840 prefix and comes in two needle sizes – Standard and Mini. Our 840 chips are sold by a special division of our company called Alliance ID.  The 840 chip is the same price as our regular chips. Click the logo to view.
Official USDA Approved Microchip

Please call our office if you have questions about the 840 chips.  Phone:  800.434.2843.