Project Description

As of 2013, FEI requires microchips for events… and more.

FEI now requires that all newly registered horses be microchipped.  This includes those horses registering for an FEI Passport, FEI Recognition Card and includes FEI Registrations/IDs also.  A specific type of microchip must be used. The EquineChip is 100% compliant with FEI regulations.

The FEI states “Clear identification of horses is essential, particularly when competing at an international level, to facilitate the movement across borders and to ensure that the relevant health requirements are satisfied. From January 2013, all horses newly registered with the FEI must be microchipped, with the intention that, in time, this will become compulsory for all horses competing at FEI events.”

FEI requires what is known as an ‘ISO chip’ – short for International Standards Organization. The chip must be 15 digits long and operate at a certain radio wave frequency.

Read the Rules Here